How to update my profile - iOS

First, log in. 

Done? Cool! Now, tap the icon wearing a cool pair of shades that says 'Me'. A new page opens with your avatar and public pages. 

Tap the gear icon at the top left and this window will pop up. In the Basic Tab you'll be able to update your Name, Email, Username and everything to do with your personal details on padlet. 

After typing your new details just hit the pink ' Update' at the bottom to Save.

To change passwords with your ipad, just skip to the next tab 'Password'

'Communications' allows you to manage emails being sent to your inbox. If you love getting emails from us, just check all the tick boxes there! We'll make it worth the extra clicks :)

Go to ' Delete' tab from the same window if you have to get rid of the account. There's no turning back so make sure it's what you really want. 

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