How do I format my posts?

Yes, you can! The latest version of Padlet allows for some basic formatting. Just select the words you want to 'enrich' and a toolbar will show up with the necessary actions, or use the following keyboard shortcuts: 

Format Mac Windows
Bold Cmd + b Ctrl + b
Italic Cmd + i Ctrl + i
Numbered List Cmd + k Ctrl + k
Bulleted List Cmd + j Ctrl + j
Superscript Cmd + l Ctrl + l
Subscript Cmd + h Ctrl + h
Undo Cmd + z Ctrl + z
Redo Cmd + Shift + z Ctrl + Shift + z
Increase Indent Cmd + tab Ctrl + tab
Decrease Indent Cmd + Shift + tab Ctrl + Shift + tab
Clear formatting Cmd + m Ctrl + m

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